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 Company EZOTERIKA was founded with a mission to advance natural health values by disseminating the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, promoting ancient and modern alternative and holistic medicine approaches, to support research findings and distribution of high quality natural healthcare remedies, skincare treatments, organically grown food products across the Baltics.

This is our approach to offer our customers a range of high quality products from reliable suppliers only. Our intrinsic values are professionalism, decency, careful and friendly attitude to our customers.

We provide a wide variety of professional ayurvedic products, organically grown food products, professional aromatherapy products, healing cosmetics and toiletries to our wholesale and retail customers. Desire and ability to work with direct suppliers allows us to maintain the wholesale and retail prices at the reasonable level. Constantly growing lines of products, flexible discount system, weighed and competent wholesale and retail price policy, professional consultancy, delivery options – this is the main list of our services.

In other words, those who are open to the healthy way of life aspiring to attain physical, mental and spiritual health equilibrium will be definitely brought by Nature exactly to us. Thanks for the Indian cultural medicines.

We’ll be pleased to consider all your proposals and wishes.

Sincerely yours, EZOTERIKA